For the process of pre-planning and initial instruction is necessary to have a group of technical and / or professional responsible for carrying out this work, and who made the later stages of training. These individuals must have experience and knowledge of the indigenous community. The task of the assessors, at this point, is crucial since it gives guidance to the community that allows them to develop activities using the resources at their disposal without engaging them for future use. On the other hand, they provide to community members the tools needed to manage the activities and the possibility of participating in processes.

It is appropriate also to the community who advise, formulate realistic economic expectations, considering the capabilities and limitations of the community, in order to avoid producing them frustration or rejection of berlin real estate tourism.
Another responsibility of the technical advisers is to raise short-term objectives indigenous community to encourage its members to work in partnership, to achieve goals, then medium and long term, generating viable projects that encourage the participation of the whole community


It is important to consider the participation of people at all stages of planning, from design, implementation and monitoring of impacts, trying to integrate the cultural characteristics that give the process its territories and cultural identity. Only then based on the culture of the community will be achieved.
It is also important to encourage and motivate you involved in the planning, execution and control of tourism development plan, revealing the benefits and costs that the activity generates.

The participation of the youth segment is critical because it prevents migration and allowed the recovery of cultural values.


Training of community members in two fundamental aspects must be considered: one, related to daily activities, where the training will be directed at improving knowledge of basic skills, such as making crafts, food preparation and attention customer. Another, related to the management of specialized tourism projects, accounting, management, tour guide's knowledge.

With a good training program that reaches all the people of the community, will prepare for the visit of tourists, their care, the management of activities on offer. At the same time they are given tools that can be used for other areas of interest.

Evaluation of economic benefits

It is also important that the community will evaluate the possibility of developing tourism as a complementary activity which can leave benefits for the locality, taking into account the income that produce activity and contrasting them with the costs that will be generated in the same and investments necessary to carry out the project.